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Fixed Anchorage Points

Anchors conforming to EN 795 Type A1 & A2

Type A1 fixed anchorage points are non-load-limiting anchors that may be single or multi-user. Our type A1 anchors can be used for fall arrest, fall restraint, work positioning and rope access.

Type A2 anchors are load-limiting anchors similar to type A1 anchors, but with the added benefit of having an energy absorbing element built into them. This greatly reduces the strength requirements of the substrate to which they are fixed, allowing them to be installed on fragile roof build-ups and the like. These anchors however are not suitable for work positioning or rope access.

Flexible Horizontal Anchor Lines

Anchors conforming to EN 795 Type C

Type C anchor devices allow for uninterrupted movement along the length of the lifeline. These are ideal for use in locations where regular maintenance is needed over large areas, such as cleaning gutters and solar panels. When combined with inline energy absorbers or energy absorbing posts, these systems can be fixed to fragile roof build-ups while still providing a safe anchorage point for multiple users simultaneously. These systems can be used for fall restraint, fall arrest.

Rigid Rail Anchors

Anchors conforming to EN 795 Type D

Type D anchors are suitable for fall restraint, fall arrest, work positioning, and rope access applications. Similar to type C anchors, type D anchors allow for uninterrupted movement along the length of the rail allowing rope access users to reposition their ropes without having to rig multiple times to different points. The type D systems we provide can be fixed to fragile roof build-ups due to the way in which the load is dissipated over the length of the rail in the event of a fall.

Temporary Solutions

Marine Tech can provide a wide range of temporary anchor solutions. These systems provide safe anchor points during the construction phase or any other situation where a lifeline will only be needed for a short period of time. These systems can be set up by workers quickly and easily without the need to bring in a specialist installer. Training on the correct set up procedure and use of these systems can be provided.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

We have a large assortment of PPE items including harnesses, lanyards, ropes and rope grabs, and self-retracting lifelines, as well as rescue kits.

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